Wednesday, February 13, 2013

National Defence Duty (2)

Thanks to all who have responded.

I thought it might be useful at this stage to clarify a couple of things.

One is the assertion that my proposal enables rich PRs to avoid NS. It does no such thing. All those who are obligated to do NS must do NS. That would include sons of PRs. The question is what happens if their parents send them away before they reach enlistment age? This does happen. The proposal provides an additional disincentive against them taking that way out. It does not encourage them to do so.

Some have also confused new citizens with foreigners. There is merit in the argument that new citizens should serve some form of National Service, which can be modified depending on circumstances. My proposal however, deals with foreigners, not new citizens. There is no question of foreigners buying their way out of NS, as they are not liable in the first place.

Some have said that it would be wrong to put a price on serving National Service. That misreads the intent and substance of the proposal. I will deal with this in detail at a later date.

What is important is whether we think the current situation is acceptable, and if not, how it can be improved. I accept that some will not like my proposal. If so, I would like your views on what we can do better.

Please keep the comments coming.


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