Saturday, June 16, 2012

After note - Crime and Punishment

It has been drawn to my attention that Woffles Wu did not pay the person whose particulars were furnished. The first sentence of my post is therefore incorrect. The thrust of my post, that the courts should have greater flexibility in sentencing, nonetheless remains.


  1. Dear Mr Kumar,

    this issue has certainly caused a lot of furore among the common man on the street.

    Even Law Minister and AGC have weighed in to clarify in the past 2 days.
    And in fact have made it even clearer that some sort of miscarriage of justice may have occurred.

    Among other questions, a major question needs to be asked :

    *Why did AGC proceed only on the lowly charge of abetment? *

    There should be little question who is responsible for the filling up of the LTA summons (even if it was not his own hand). LTA will send a summons direct to the home of the car owner, ie. Dr Wu. Dr Wu would then be responsible for filling the form up and sending it back to LTA.

    It is BEYOND REASON to understand how an elderly technician working at his clinic suddenly gets a hold of this summons, and decides to fill up his own name into it. Oh come on, even a child knows the truth of what happened.

    Law minister alluded to this when he wrote "Dr Wu didn't give the info and could not be charged directly for giving false info." It implies that the AGC had its hands tied because Dr Wu claimed that someone else (ie. Kuan, not him) filled out the form. AGC then was forced to proceed on the lower abetment charge.

    This is hence a criticism of either the AGC or the police in investigating this and formulating a more appropriate charge that is congruent with common sense.

    Justice is to be done AND HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE DONE.

    Dr Wu as a respected (perhaps 'was') member of the medical fraternity is now seen as a spoilt brat who tried to wriggle himself out of a tight situation by fraudulently getting a vulnerable person to take the rap for him. He has brought shame to himself, his family and his fellow doctors by indulging in a dishonorable crime. (perhaps you should ask the other doctor Ministers and MPs what they think and what the medical council thinks of these shenanigans)

    AGC should appeal or reopen the case and charge more appropriately rather than just trying to defend repeatedly their original, conveniently formulated charge. The police could have done more investigation as questioned the staff at the clinic and the relatives of Mr Kuan, to ascertain if Dr Wu asked Mr Kuan to take the rap for him.

    Can AGC do so?

  2. Dear Mr Hri Kumar,
    You may want to read the link and stop the problem from escalating by making residents and user of the facilities to respect and befriend one another. From the comment posted they are vigilante suggestion and sentiment which are not good. I sincerely hope you would nip off the problem at the at the earliest sign of tense if it is true and rebut it if it is not true. Do not allow such matter to be blown out proportion especially during the school holidays.

    Best Regards

    Jasoel Lei Xu Le