Monday, May 30, 2011

House Visit Blk 403 Sin Ming Gardens

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  1. Dear Sir

    I am a resident of Jalan Tambur off Upper Thomson Road. Collectively we would like to know if there is any upgrading plan for our street and if yes when is it being plan for?

    On a 2nd matter (a future concern), a new condo - Thomson Grand will be built on the land behind Jln Tambur, consist of 9 new blocks with 361 units (i.e. 361 cars provided each unit has only 1 car which normally is not the case)

    One of the exit point for the condo will be via Jln Tambur, even if only half the condo residents uses the Jln Tambur exit it will be a traffic nightmare for residents of Jln Tambur all using the single lane road to access Upp Thomson Rd (especially during peak hours); parking woes will be another headache when surplus condo cars illegal park along Jln Tambur when the condo have more cars than parking lots.

    Really hope you will be able to advise on the upgrading plan and help look into/pre-empt the foreseeable future traffic woes from the condo development. Thank you very much