Thursday, December 16, 2010

House Visit Blks 305 and 306 Shunfu


  1. Hi Hri, as a resident of Shunfu estate, I would like to implore you to raise a request to the LTA to seriously look into the certain areas of high traffic flow especially next to the catholic church where a number of accidents have occured and currently the road dividing the imperial court towards the area where the new Sheng Shiong supermart will be built. There are many old people here who traversed daily between the markets, supermarkets and wet markets in this area. While there are traffic lights and stops , from my observation, most of the vehicles do not stop in time for pedestrians to walk across. I am sure you will agree with me that safety is a paramount priority to the residents here so if you could use yr position as a MP to convince the LTA authorities to take appropriate actions to ensure sufficient safety in road standards here, I am sure they will be grateful. Tks in advance and all the best in your grassroot works.

  2. Hi Hri, Can you let us know what is happpening to the privatisation of Shunfu HUDC. I hear that the Thomson Residents committee had initially accepted that the pathway that is owned by HUDC had to be closed but when someone wrote to the Straits Times complaining about this, the whole estate had to wait indefinitely until HDB sorted this out. Does it take one person to stop this process when it was already agreed earlier on? Delays of this nature has implications to all the 356 owners of Shunfu HUDC. We are already been delayed with all kinds of excuses from HDB by more than 1 year, we had LTA taking away a piece of our land over 1 year ago through a gazette and we did not complain about that for the sake of our public administration and now, we are further punished with a delay because we are not giving up any more land? Unfortunately, we have not been as aggressive as our Thomson residents but that should not mean that we should passively wait until the government is ready with an answer. Some of us have solicited loans ready for the S$30k to pay for privatisation. It is either in the bank collecting next to 0 interest while paying a much higher loan interest rate, or have been used up due to its availability (natural human instinct) or gambled away at the IRs. We could also be waiting for HDB to start the loan process but by then, loan interests may have shot up, and it may take some time for loans to be approved and our conditions like whether we have jobs or not in future may have changed. Therefore, I ask that if you really desire to help Thomsoners, please be mindful that these are real issues for all of us and please do not delay any further. With kind regards,