Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1N1 vs Mankind

The H1N1 virus is crippling everyone with fear. All around the world, we fear the worst if there is a community outbreak escalating to the scale of Phase 6. This is the time for us to pull ourselves together with a solidarity like what we have done at Sars. We overcame the dreadful and painful memories.

The greatest thing for us all now is to overcome that crippling fear.

Even at tonight's MPS, we are seeing residents are usual as I think lives must go on and though we have instituted temperature checks and all necessary precautions, problems and issues of everyday lives will still be heard and we'll still go on relentlessly solving each of our resident's concern.

Like one doctor told me: "Wash your hands as frequently as you can!" and I think that will be the best precaution we can now take.

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