Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reaching Out

Madam Soh is 92 years old, has 7 children and lives in a one room flat in Sin Ming with another elderly person. Widowed in her fifties, she raised her 7 children on her own. Mdm Soh now continues to do a bit of laundry and ironing for her neighbours for a few dollars. She has kidney problems and swollen limbs which makes her vulnerable to falling.

When asked why she is not living with any of her children, she replied in Hokkien: "All my sons are either unemployed or sick, they can barely support themselves and their children."
Madam Soh relies on monthly NTUC vouchers issued by Thomson CCC and Bright Hill temple groceries, as well as gifts from her neighbours and other charities. Fortunately, caring Thomson grassroots leaders are around to reach out to Madam Soh. Knowing her health issues, they frequently visit to monitor her situation, help her to collect food vouchers and other items.

With such help extended, we hope Mdm Soh can continue to sustain herself, not solely on the charity of others but with familial support.

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